Why Cabinets of Curiosity?




“The name is inspired by historical Cabinets of Curiosities, or Wunderkammer – rooms that were used to house the findings of great collectors across Europe. To be called ‘curious’ in the Elizabethan era was a great compliment, meaning you were well-travelled and well-informed about the exotic customs and effects that were discovered by the earliest naval pioneers. In the pre-Enlightenment age, a collector’s  Cabinet of Curiosities would be filled with a jumble of of flora, fauna and historical artefacts – you might find a stuffed alligator, a Roman coin, a two-headed lamb, a piece of rare coral and an ostrich egg all jostling for space on one shelf.

“It’s this combination of investigation and eccentricity that has inspired Cabinets of Curiosity... my aim is to provoke those same feelings of fascination, excitement and wonder in my audiences and viewers.”

Sarah Blake, Artistic Director, Cabinets of Curiosity








Captivate... Fascinate... Stimulate... CABINETS OF CURIOSITY